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2018 圖像共生 中歐文化交流 Image and Imagination 2018 Nongyuan Sino-Europe Art Exchange Exhibition

文章來源: 發布時間:2020-04-02



“Image and Imagination”China-Europe Culture and Art Exchange Exhibition




From the perspective of artistic context, art communication has two meanings: one shares artistic language system to another through linguistic media; people conduct exchanges, exploration and cooperation in respect of artistic contents, forms, appreciation, thoughts etc.under the artistic theme. The former belongs to the "situational context" category and the latter the "cultural context" category.

中國文化所蘊涵的東方審美精神,是一種似與不似的“意象”, 是一種充滿人文精神的“境界”;而西方文化與之不同的思想情感及人文科學給了我們另一個視角去看待、感悟藝術。本次參展的9位中國藝術家與3位西班牙藝術家懷揣著不同的期待,希望通過“圖像共生”行旅絲路中歐藝術文化交流展,表達每一位藝術家的藝術思想,體會正在發生的當下藝術;去領悟、去感受那無聲勝有聲的交流與碰撞。?

The Oriental aesthetics in Chinese culture is a kind of ambigious “image ”and “context”full of humanistic spirits?; while the diverse thoughts, humanities and science in Western culture offer us other perspectives to see and feel arts. 9 Chinese artists and 3 Spainish artists with different expectations cherish the same hope that their artistic concepts could be expressed through this exhibition and that they can experience the cureent arts and fathom the communication beyond words.


If we put the“Image and Imagination”China-Europe Culture and Art Exchange Exhibition into the system of contexts and the background of times for consideration, no wonder that it is exhibiting and exploring exchanges between Chinese and European artists and their art creations,as well as the creation phenomenom of exchanges and communications. Such ways obviously contain the unity of opposites between history and reality, material and spirit, science and huminities, nature and society, thoughts and feeling, and art exchanges.




遠于十三世紀,有位來自遠方的行者說:“ 有一大川,經此大城…… 水上船舶甚眾,未聞未見者,必不信其有之也……?!?這個人叫馬可波羅。


China is vast in territory and rich in natural resources.

And Sichuan Province, especially western part of it, possesses the most unique scene.

In 13th century, Marco Polo, a traveler from the west to the east said,“There is a great river across the great city, on which amounts of boats beyond the imagination of persons who have never seen or heard of such a quantity.”

Sichuan Province is approximately a watershed between the Yellow River and Yangtze River that nourish the Chinese civilization. The coincidence of majesty of North China and elegance of South China makes local’s spiritual world in both civilized and uncivilized state and their history more impressive. There are amazingly beautiful snowy Tibetan Plateau, majestically splendid mountains, freely vast wilderness and sky and simply pious locals.

The uniqueness of Sichuan could only be depicted by those who grows up here.


Where there is places much closer to the shy, there is the sacredness of belief and surrender to life.





As an exhibition brand for Nongyuan Group, the "Image And Imagination”— the Chinese and foreign artists exchange exhibition has been successfully held in 40 countries, such as France, Germany, New Zealand, Hungary, Russia, Mauritius across four continents (Europe, Africa, Oceania, Asia) since its foundation in 2012. With over 100 activities like international exhibitions, forums and academic salons, it tries to offer the artists who participated in Nongyuan residency program an opportunity to go aboard and to expand their international influence.